Home sweet home!

It has been so, so good to be home and settle back into my normal, busy life in the Bay. I don’t have a whole lot to say because I have some remarkable unedited photos (meaning, poor in quality but rich in ACTUAL quality) that I’ve remembered to take throughout these past two weeks when I’ve had time for fun and adventure. I don’t always remember to take photos, however… I’ve totally grown accustomed to not sharing my life with the social media, and so in turn, I really don’t use my phone a whole lot. But when I do remember, I like to save these little memories for my blog! Anyway, here are a few updates in my life:

The Bachelorette. I was pretty involved throughout this whole season until Jojo let Luke go. If Luke isn’t the next Bachelor, then I don’t know if I want to continue watching this mindless show! I just wish that the producers didn’t meddle so much in the quality of the actual relationships… but then again, how authentic can one truly be on national TV?

Sushi. I’ve had the super awesome fantastic wonderful COOLEST experience of trying real, actual, raw-fish-sushi for the first time. And if you couldn’t tell already, I loved it and I can’t get enough of it… Had it twice this week, and I could probably eat it every single day. I don’t know why I was so afraid to have anything other than imitation crab for 22 years… pathetic! But hey, at least I get to appreciate the good stuff now.

Reading list. I’ve managed to finish one book this summer. ONE. BOOK. That is deeply upsetting. Ten-year-old me is shaking her head at present me (I wasn’t nicknamed “Bookworm” and won the gold medal in Reading Counts for no reason!!) and I know it. Granted, To Kill A Mockingbird is an excellent one-booker, but still… I need to step it up. I’ve got five books left on my summer reading list. Plus that new “Harry Potter” book came out. I put that in quotes because I know it’s not actually the real thing, just a screenplay that J.K. Rowling dabbled a little bit in writing… I don’t know how to feel about it.

My own car. Yes, you heard right! If all goes well (fingers crossed), then I will be a super excited car-owner by tomorrow! It’s so crazy to think that I will be owning my very own car… sure, it’s kind of old, but it’s perfect for a young adult in her college years. I don’t need no beamer in my current broke life!

A gym membership. I’ve done it again. Succumbed to the corrupt corporations of money-laundering salesmen… Just kidding. But I did sign up for Planet Fitness, and I am LOVING it. I go late at night, which helps me with my insomnia. So many benefits.

A balance. I was really strict with my eating habits earlier this summer and thought that there was absolutely no room for cheat days… but that just takes the fun out of a healthy lifestyle super quick. I learned to maintain a balance… it’s okay to drink once in a while, eat ice cream when you want, eat pizza everyday (I promise you that I eat pizza Mondays through Fridays, and it has been working like a charm). It’s okay to indulge once in a while, as long as you know when enough is enough and it’s time to pick it back up. It really is so nice to live in the Bay, where there is so much cuisinal diversity… and SO MANY healthy food options, from farmers’ markets, to little vegan spots, to juicery stands and hole-in-the-walls… Love it.

My mother surprised me with a delivery when I first came back from Hawai’i… I don’t know what I did to deserve this, what a blessing!Still on that healthy-eating grind!Fredy only explored SF with me so he could play his PokemonGO game… smh.Found the cutest little marketplace cafe in the cityPowerful art in Albany BulbIf you look closer–no, it was not the trash can that I made friends with…Don’t let that smile fool you… Mission Peak is the hardest hike that I’ve ever done and in this moment I was in so much pain… haha!My first time in Alameda Beach!Everyone talks smack about this beach, but I was pleasantly surprised with the clarity of the shoreline!This might just become my go-to spot when I want to escape the craziness of next school year…My lovely gal pals, Cobo and Maria.That city/bridge silhouette just speaks to meCandid?????I really do have a thing for bridgesI LOVE sushi. (At Kama Sushi… Flores took me to a two dollar sign, y’all)The first drinks of the night with Brook and Raph!Obviously I am so amazing at this game“There’s no meat in this, right?!?!?!”– After I had already bit itIt’s been real… I’m thankful that my busy friends still make time for me.This might look ordinary but I find this photo stunningThe city is riddled with impressive, old architecture… I hope more people appreciate it like I do!


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