Hawai’i– Day Four!

Last night, I fell asleep to the waves calmly crashing onto the rocks, and I woke up to that same subtle roaring that’ll soothe anyone to the bones. I find it crazy to think about living on an island, the ocean being in such close proximity wherever you are… I’m pretty close to the waters where I live in Northern California, but it’s nothing like being completely surrounded by the ocean every which way you turn. I don’t know how to feel about it other than the fact that it is so, so different from the mainland.Today was a pretty mellow day overall. I woke up very early and spent basically the entire morning reading and sleeping on the hammocks outside the cabanas. We then ate lunch at Giovanni’s, a famous local food truck that serves the most amazing garlic shrimp that my tastebuds have ever had the fortune of tasting. It was phenomenal, to say the very least! Giovanni’s was the one food that I was looking the most forward to trying, and it definitely exceeded my expectations.

When we got home, we jumped right back into the car to meet up with our friend, Brett, in Kaimana Beach. We hadn’t seen him in a while so it was pretty neat to catch up and feel abnormally natural in a different setting other than the tiny confines of HNU. Weirdly enough, even though Kailua and Turtle Bay are probably cleaner and better beaches, I enjoyed Kaimana the best (so far) because it was calm enough for me to go deeper than I usually can in the ocean. I probably waded for a good hour!

We grabbed dinner afterwards, and I finally tried the fabled Zippy’s! However, as a pescatarian, I didn’t get to try their fan-favorite Korean fried chicken or chili, but that’s alright because their saimin was pretty good! I then went to town in Ala Moana to meet up with my teammate, Jonah, and his sweet girlfriend, Krystal! We got honey toast, a local sweet treat, but little do they know that we have that in SoCal, too! To be honest, brick toast from Guppy House is probably the best version of it out there.

It was so nice to just spend the day relaxing, and to see and reconnect with some of my college friends in a foreign place. I love how slow-paced and borderline-lazy the lifestyle is in Hawai’i, but the adventurous soul in me probably wouldn’t be able to stay put for too long. It sure is a beautiful place to go on vacation and break away from reality, though.

Giovanni’s famous garlic shrimp!!Kaimana Beach in Waikiki!Honey toast at Shokudo with these lovebirds!


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