Hawai’i– Day Five!

Today was a jam-packed day, but like I mentioned in my previous post, the lifestyle here is so slow-paced that I feel like I hardly did anything at all! After dropping Jesse off at work, I drove to town to pick up Brett and we headed off to Manoa Falls. This short, easy hike led us to a stunning 200-foot waterfall that no camera could ever capture… everything about this hike was beautiful! I literally felt like I was in a jungle, what with all those big fat leaves you’d see in a Tarzan movie and birds echoing their cheerful songs in the distance, and a light, tropical mist among a humid, breathing mass of trees. It would have been so awesome if we could jump into the stream below, but it probably would have been pretty dangerous (and extra muddy).

We then drove back to town and I finally had the famous Leonard’s malasadas! Honestly, it didn’t taste anything more than a sugary donut, but that’s what it’s supposed to be, I think… a Portuguese donut. After that, we walked to Waiola Shave Ice, which they say is President Obama’s favorite shave ice spot whenever he frequents the island. I can see (or rather, taste) why– their ice machine grinds the ice so fine and soft that you’d have to eat it quick before it melts to nothingness in minutes!

But speaking of fine and soft, let me just take a moment to marvel at the best beach that I have ever set foot on in my entire life… and that is Lanikai Beach. I can’t even begin to describe the extent of the quality of the Lanikai sand. It’s nothing like I’ve ever touched before. It has the consistency of baby powder or flour that’s been sifted at least three times, or some kind of powdered sugar that isn’t clumpy. The best way I can describe it is that it looks, feels, and tastes (just kidding) like the powder on injeolmi rice cake, a sweet Korean variety of tteok. I’m not sure if anybody reading this knows what I’m talking about, but trust me when I say that the sand was softer than baby’s skin and more soothing than any foot massage in the world! The water was also pretty unbelievable. The bluest of all the beaches that I have ever seen, it isn’t as clear as the others because the fine sand clouds up the shallow end. Maybe if I went deeper, it would’ve been super clear, but since I can’t really swim and I didn’t want to get tangled up with the jellyfish, I stayed close to shore and waded in serenity.

We came back to eat shabu shabu with Grandma and the whole family, and it reminded me a lot of the same restaurants that my family likes to go to down in SoCal. This was one was different, though, because we had to take off our shoes and sit at an elevated tea table with a hole on the floor for our feet, so it felt like we were sitting on the floor, traditional Japanese style. After dinner, we had more shave ice at home (surprise!)… I know it sounds silly given how much shave ice I’ve consumed this whole trip, but I will honestly miss it A LOT. I have to find an authentic spot in the bay that has melona and lilikoi flavors… Shave ice is just one of those foods, like pizza, chocolate, or chips, that I could eat all day, everyday. We returned to Lanikai Beach later at night to stargaze with Jesse’s friends, and the moon was shining so bright that it didn’t feel like it was nighttime at all. The ocean was surprisingly warm, and if it weren’t for the Portuguese man o’ wars (or men o’ war?), I would have totally gone in. But anyway, just as I can’t get enough of shave ice, I can’t get enough of the Lanikai sand and how amazingly different it feels from any other beach that I’ve gone to. What a great way to end a good day.

Look at this beauty! I can’t even imagine how Niagara Falls is like…So unreal.Original malasada!Melona and mango flavors… Mmm.I wish this photo could show how blue the waters really wereThe water actually is so clear, but the fine sand just puffs up and makes it look murkyPanorama of Lanikai… kind of terrible picture quality but it was the best I could doLook at how it sticks to skin!!! So crazyWarm midnight waters


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