Hawai’i– Day Three!

I think I’m getting over my jet lag at last because I woke up at a normal time this morning, and it is currently 9 pm and I am not yet sleepy. We packed our bags and headed to North Shore to spend the day and night in a gorgeous cabana in Turtle Bay… Our backyard is literally the ocean! It’s unbelievable! On our way to the resort, we stopped by Hale’iwa, a small, peaceful country town, where we got some solid acai bowls and walked through the quaint boutiques along the road. Once we got to our cabana, we spent some time in the resort pool. I attempted to swim but God knows it’ll take more than an hour to re-learn my swimming abilities (it has been about seventeen years…). We then headed to the beach and I found a lot of lovely little seashells that my sister would certainly appreciate. Out of the three beaches that I’ve been to, Turtle Bay has been the clearest by far! So untainted and seemingly untouched by civilization. I then spent some time leisurely laying on a hammock while the sun set… We ended the night with a cultural show, where we watched traditional Polynesian dances. I’m normally not a big fan of such shows, especially since it screamed TOURISTY, but it was surprisingly really entertaining and I’m so glad we got to watch it! I am definitely fortunate for the Kaneshiros’ hospitality and kindness towards me. I didn’t expect to do anything extravagant at all during my stay, but I wholeheartedly appreciate this rare luxury… They really do make me feel like a part of their family. 

Something that still drives me crazy is the fickle weather in Hawai’i! It can be totally bright and sunny one moment, but the clouds roll in out of nowhere and it starts pouring, but only for a brief spell… while all the time staying hot and humid. I don’t understand it, but I find it fascinating! 

Okay, I lied. Maybe I’m not over my jet lag, after all… I’m getting super sleepy as I’m laying here, nursing my mosquito bites with ice. My body is telling me that it is time to go to bed. But speaking of bed… I have to make a confession. As much fun and relaxation as I am having in this amazing paradise, I miss my bed. I miss my pillows. I miss my shower. I miss the view that I wake up and go to sleep to. I miss my twinkle lights, my cold room, and my guitar. I didn’t think I would miss home after three days, but I guess I do! And that’s okay, because it won’t take away from me trying to have fun to the fullest in my final remaining days… It’ll just make me appreciate my home a lot more once I return. Which is good. I’ll take any opportunity to stay humble and true to my roots.

The view from Jesse’s driveway. I LOVE those mountains. We went through the tunnel in H3 with the rain beating down hard, only to come out on the other side to a sunny road… So strange!If you look closely, those are waterfalls in the crevices of the mountains from all the rain.  Fire acai bowls from Hale’iwa bowls!The view from our backyardLike straight out of a reality TV showA panorama of Turtle BayLook at that clarity!!Selfie of the day… Hammock chillin’. We were supposed to have a bomb sunset, but the clouds rolled in the very last minute as it hit the horizon! What a tease… Still beautiful, though.


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