Hawai’i– Day Two!

We woke up at 4:15 am to do a sunrise hike at Lanikai Pillboxes Trail. Although it was a shorter hike than the ones that I’m accustomed to, this one was pretty dangerous! Trying not to slide on slippery dirt on an incline in pitch-black is not an easy feat, and one wrong step could send you tumbling down or off the side of the mountain. But we survived, made it just in time for the sun, and it was breathtaking, to say the very least. I couldn’t believe the scene that unfolded right before me; it truly left me speechless. There really is something special about looking out from a mountaintop and absorbing everything around: the sights, the feels, and the blessings. I felt so removed from reality, especially when it started to drizzle and a double rainbow popped up right behind us. We made our way back down and headed to Cinnamon’s, a local breakfast hot-spot. Luckily, we beat the morning rush, and even though I have never been a big fan of guava, their guava pancakes were absolutely to die for! I’d eat them every morning if I could!

After a long nap, I went outside and felt the warm rain trickle down on my skin, a sensation that I haven’t felt in fifteen years. Honestly, it’s little things like these that make my experiences memorable. We then went to Waikiki and indulged in some tourist attractions, what with the crowded beach and dozens of ABC stores selling the same tacky souvenirs that, unfortunately, I was suckered into buying. We ran into this weird little black market area with vendors that we bartered with (I bought this sterling silver ring for what I thought was a pretty low price, but I don’t think I’ll ever know if it was a great bargain or if I was totally gypped). The weird thing about Waikiki is that as touristy as it was, there still weren’t nearly as many people as I would find in Huntington or Newport Beach. There were hobos all around us, but I really wouldn’t have been able to tell who was who unless Jesse pointed it out, because they just looked like casual beach bums (which they literally were). I’ve always heard of people in the mainland buying homeless people one-way tickets to Hawai’i, but I never believed it until now! We ended the day with a very warm, intimate family birthday dinner for Jesse’s younger brother, Noah. I met so many aunties and uncles (I loved it). Jesse’s dad, Uncle Brad, made the most amazing salt and pepper shrimp. I’m still drooling about it right now as I type… And of course, we topped off the night with some homemade shave ice with condensed milk and ice cream. I’m going to have to do major repairs on my diet habits once I get back home. But for now, I’m not gonna worry about it too much– just live life with good food, good company, and good vibes.

My favorite picture of the day!The progression of sunrise.“Please clean up after yourselfie”Alohaaaaaa!!!Double rainbow!Guava pancake, red velvet pancake, and basil pesto frittata from Cinnamon’s. Crazy gooood.Waikiki, baby!I’m living for these clear waters man!!!


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