Hawai’i– Day One!

I couldn’t believe my eyes… after eight hours of being stuck in a terminal or plane, I finally saw land below. Oh, and what a sight it was. I got chills as I saw the brightest blue coastal waters that I have ever seen. Hawaii– the fiftieth state, but it seems so far-off and foreign as if it never stopped being its own country. The moment I stepped foot on Hawaiian soil, I felt the familiar humidity and dampness forming from my pores. Jesse and I headed to Kailua Beach, where the sand was so fine that it didn’t feel like sand and the waters so clear and blue as if nobody has ever touched it. I then went on a little journey by myself to get some quality shave ice from The Local Hawaii, an easy-to-miss, super covert stand, hidden in a trendy little clothing store. They used natural sweeteners and actual fruits, without any artificial ingredients… needless to say, it was absolutely amazing. As I drove back to Jesse’s house, I was in so much awe and amazement by the beautiful scenery that engulfed me. Mountains of green so tall and intimidating which made it feel almost sinful to be so close to them, as if we were never meant to inhabit and create a civilization among the breathtaking forestry and exotic abundance of flora. As I approached the road back to home base, it started to rain ever so slightly… I got out of the car and an intense sensation of familiarity overtook my senses and I remember those golden days of frolicking outside in tropical thunderstorms in my Philippine neighborhood. Those were the best memories I have of my roots. After a long evening of great food and endless conversation, I have come to the conclusion that Hawaii’s slow-paced, hospitable, neighborly-aunty-uncle lifestyle is such a refreshing change from my life back in the mainland. It feels so incredible to feel nostalgia after all these years of detachment… somehow, I connect these moments that I’m experiencing now to what could have been had I stayed in the islands. Like this is how my life could have been like. It could have been sticky and sandy and riveting and relaxing. Worry-free. Family just around the corner. Local ma-and-pa’s and hole-in-the-wall’s that served the sketchiest yet most delicious food from grimy plates and backless, rickety stools. I think about this possibility and consider that perhaps life could have been better… But that is just the beautiful beach talking. When my mind wanders back to my comfy bed with my soothing twinkle lights in the good ol’ Bay Area, I feel nothing short of peace and happiness within. Nothing will ever compare to the place I call home. 

1. Above the clouds 2. Diving in 3. Immersed 4. Below

My first sighting!Hea-ven-ly.Familiar coconut trees.This clarity is unbelievable… And according to Jesse, Kailua Beach isn’t even all that great.Like some kind of forbidden jungle forest that we’re not supposed to be driving through


One thought on “Hawai’i– Day One!

  1. Wait what?!?! This is amazing!! Just got all caught up on your blog and you are AMAZING!!! There is so much wonder embedded in your soul and it is beautiful! Keep it up friend, you are inspirational!


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