Bay Area Love

There is nothing more perfect than the Bay. I have always loved it from afar when I was young, envisioning myself in good ol’ SF with clam chowder bread bowls and walking through its hilly, crooked streets. Now that I’ve been living here for two years, my love for it has skyrocketed to new heights. My initial passion for San Francisco has spread and grown, and now, I am also completely enamored of Oakland and Berkeley. It’s more than just the tourist attractions, the athletic pride, and the wonderful year-round 70-degree weather. It must be the easygoing hippie vibes, eclectic, eccentric cultures, and judgment-free zones that make me feel at peace up here… not to mention the heavenly variations of pizza-by-the-slice shops. There is always something new to see, experience, and feel… Being in the Bay Area honestly makes me feel like I can do anything and everything. All is possible, if the heart is big enough.

Although I have been pretty diligent about keeping my recent adventures private as to totally absorb every moment, there are a few snapshots that are much too beautiful not to share. I hope to inspire you all to explore to your hearts’ content and search for something new and refreshing everyday.


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