Forgotten Days

I have been so wrapped up in end-of-the-year activities that it completely slipped my mind to blog about some beautiful days that I’ve had in the bay. Since I finished my finals super early this semester, I’ve had a lot of free time for myself, and I actually didn’t have any other choice but to ride solo since everybody else was still in finals mode. And let me just say, the alone time was really, really relaxing for a while–just what I needed– until now. Everybody’s moving out and I’m getting nervous about being more alone than ever, but I remind myself that I’m going to be just fine and there is a actually a substantial amount of residents staying in the halls during the summer. So that’s just me being dramatic. But here’s a quick update of what I’ve been up to!

  • Baseball games! Giants, A’s, HNU… Yup, I’m so hooked. I used to think that baseball was one of the slowest, most boring sports, but I grew to love the atmosphere of being in the stadium and the social aspect of the cheering crowd. I am pleased to announce that I’ve chosen the A’s to be MY team for life! I can’t wait for all the ball games I’ll get to go to during the summer.
  • Hiking/walking. Ever since I got a FitBit, I’ve been really into walking. Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to go to the trails without a car even though they are literally 5-10 minutes away, but I walk and admire nature’s beauty whenever I can.
  • Adventure Run! I participated in this little 5K-esque scavenger hunt all over Berkeley, and it was really fun! It reassured me that, contrary to my belief, I can still run. Felt really good to get out there. Also, I won some pretty rad socks from the raffle! I’m looking forward to next month’s!
  • Exploring SF. I went to the city by myself for the first time the other week and it was one of the most wonderful experiences that I’ve had in the bay. I woke up early, hopped on the bus, hopped on the Bart, got off on the other side of the bridge, sipped on a latte and nibbled on a scone as I walked through the streets with admiration, fell in love with a famous bookstore, sat in the “poet’s chair” for a good while as I read Ginsberg, went over to a historical bar and felt inspired to write nonstop for an hour and a half with my new favorite beer (trumer pils in case you were wondering), visited two cathedrals with a pizza in hand, and a long, scenic walk back to the station… I felt like I was in a movie, and it was lovely, to say the very least.
  • Bars bars bars. From wild dancing to just chilling and chatting for hours, I love the bar scene. Maybe it’s because I live too much in the sitcoms that I’ve watched and yearn for that HIMYM lifestyle. In any case, I should probably cut down on the alcohol… but how can you beat $8 pitchers and unlimited sriracha popcorn?!?
  • Guitar. I’ve been practicing so much and I’m obsessed. I could be anywhere, and I’d have a strong desire to go back to my room just to play guitar, and I do just that. This is something that brings me a lot of joy and I am thankful for the gifts that God has surprised me with.

This is going to be a great summer, I feel it. I’ll be visiting my family for a couple of days and going to a concert of my dreams. I’m staying in Hawai’i for a week and living the carefree, local, island life. I’m going to as many baseball games as possible (while tickets are still mega cheap), as well as cool events like First Fridays and museum nights. I’ll attempt to eat as clean as possible and run a little bit everyday. On top of it all, I want to explore the city as best as I can (rooftop views, anyone??!) and experience a very different summer. Stress-free. Relaxed. Cooler. Lighter. Happier.

I finally went to this labyrinth in Lands End! Breathe out the negativity… inhale gratitude.

No more finals.

Golden Boy Pizza!

What a sight. I was immediately transported back to the Beat Movement of the 50s. So wonderful.

City Lights Bookstore!

North Beach is one of my favorite pockets of SF.

G-Eazy threw the first pitch!

So empty… the A’s need more lovin’.

But I still got mad love for the Giants too. I’m just a bay area girl, you feel??


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