Drunken Diaries #1

Even when things are running smoothly and everything seems good, there will always be really shitty moments in our lives. And even when everything seems to be running amok and nothing seems to be going good, there is always that one silver lining. Today was my silver lining.

I had been having an extremely ugly week. More like an extremely ugly year, so far. I have never felt so much sadness and disappointment in such a short course of time, but today was honestly one of the best days that I have ever had in a long, looooong time. That could just be the vodka talking (but more on that later), but for now, I know that I’m going to bed feeling like a million trillion bucks.

Days like these are worth blogging. I don’t really do these daily journal entries anymore– I left that with my high school tumblr days– but I think these notable moments are really worth cherishing when the going gets tough and I need something to look back to and say, “yeah, life is still good.”

I started off the day with this plan: go to my last tennis practice ever, do my laundry, eat lunch, watch the baseball game, study until I go to a space museum that I planned to go to with my friend, Tay… and then do the rest of my final essay for Poetry class until I fall asleep.

Seems pretty rational, right? Well, that would have all worked out…

But our last practice of the year (and my very last practice of my collegiate career) got rained out, so all we did was hit for a few minutes in the gym and played a fun game of basketball (just imagine ten tennis girls trying to shoot a basketball, lol). I went ahead and did my laundry… but as things turn out in their spontaneous ways, my friend and fellow RA, Camilo, asked me to accompany him to San Francisco to pick up some pan dulces for our school event, Relay For Life. If you know me, OF COURSE I said yes! Anything just to be in the city! So off we went, drove through the Bay Bridge and landed straight in the heart of Mission. I spotted a Philz Coffee and I just had to try it– and my goodness, their Mint Mojito iced coffee was absolutely amazeballs, and I don’t even like mint, so that really says something! We then went to La Reyna Panaderia, where the owner hooked us up with probably about a hundred Mexican pastries. That was so generous of him and I was stoked on life. Picture this: cruisin’ through the streets of SF, iced coffee in one hand, a piña pan dulce in the other, with my feet dangling out of the window… That was what I called livin’ life. I’ll take these priceless moments over anything, any day.

Meanwhile, I received a text from my dear friend, Fredy. He tells me that he plans to learn how to play the guitar over the summer, and I can’t exactly recall how we got to this decision, but we agreed to go to Guitar Center once I returned to HNU. If you’ve been in the loop with me at all, you’d know that I recently picked up the guitar and I’ve been progressing really nicely. I had been thinking about buying a guitar for myself, too, so I thought that maybe going to Guitar Center would be a good opportunity for me to scope out a good guitar to buy in the future.

Once I returned to campus, I changed my clothes, then went to our Relay For Life event and took a couple of laps where I felt like a kid in a candy store and handed out a bunch of dollar bills and bought a lot of sweets and gave them away like I was Willy Wonka. It felt really awesome to participate in the cause to fight cancer. I am honestly so darn blessed that nobody in my family has been afflicted with that horrible disease.

Soon afterwards, Fredy and I met up and we made our way to Emeryville to the nearest Center. I won a light saber bubble wand, and we came up with the brilliant idea of blowing bubbles out the window during traffic. And let me tell you… IT WAS SO GREAT. So many cars passed by and the drivers were beaming, smiles on their faces as if I reminded them that deep down, we are all still children at heart. The most heart-warming thing that happened was when a driver remarked to us that “that’s how you make California happier.” That was beautiful and my giggles went through the roof. It’s kind of insane how much joy we can have by blowing bubbles out of the window while soapy water is dripping down everywhere, while Foster The People blasts on the radio and laughing faces pass by us, waving to each other as if we are telepathically saying, “have a great day, okay??”

When we arrived at Guitar Center, Fredy and I submersed ourselves in acoustic heaven and it was just delightful. A nice employee helped us through the process and I am so, so happy to say that we walked out of there with two guitars, two straps, two bags, and a capo… GUYS, I BOUGHT MY FIRST GUITAR! I can’t believe it. At that point, I didn’t care how much it cost because I have always wanted to play guitar. And to make things better, I didn’t even have to spend that much at all because of all the sales that were happening. As of right now, I am still in disbelief that I am a proud owner of an acoustic electric classical guitar.

Once again, I returned to campus, and I quickly headed out with Taylor to go to the Chabot Space and Science Museum. For $5, I had the best two hours of my life immersed in scientific, astronomic mumbo jumbo that I love, love, love a lot. I felt like a kid again as we ventured through each exhibit with wonder and awe. I was reminded of my first dream of becoming an astronaut, followed by another abandoned occupation of becoming a scientist. As much as I love the universe, I am extremely grateful that I chose to be an English major.

Because Tay and I were super famished after the museum visit, we decided to check out this local hot spot in Alameda called Monkey King, which is an Asian Fusion place that’s apparently always packed because of the amazing food it serves. Sure enough, we wait for over an hour, and our friends Jessica and Kavina met up with us. Our host felt so bad about our super long wait that he hooked it up BIG TIME with the drinks (along with Jess’ smooth lines… wink wink if you’re reading this)– and we weren’t even planning to drink! Two supposedly sweet (but actually not) mixed drinks and a shot of vodka later, I was pretty darn diddly done. Actually, I’m still feelin’ it, hence the title of this blog post. Oh, and my eggplant tofu dish was so on point– exactly what I had been craving, too.

I got back to HNU and caught a little bit of the last moments of Relay For Life, where I said good night to some of my favorite people and scored a free bagel. As simple as this day was, I cannot be more grateful for how blessed I am to live life to the fullest every single day. Even though I didn’t get to do any of my essay today, I don’t regret it at all. I deserved this break, especially because I have been high-strung all week long. Good company, good conversations, good food, and good times make for some super rad days.

*EDIT: I forgot to mention that The Lumineers’ new album, Cleopatra, came out today! So of course I had a fantastic day!!
Thank you, Milo, for letting me block your side view mirrors just so I can live out my desired boho lifestyle.

The Mint Mojito iced coffee was such a hit. And I don’t even like mint! Upon entering their cute, quirky hipster store, I vowed that I would work in a cute little coffee shop like this in SF someday. 

Pan dulces galore!!!

I can’t even explain how happy this made me because of the faces that I saw drive by.

My new baby! Getting warranty was such a good idea.

One more lovely scenic route after another. On our way to the Chabot museum!

I felt so powerful in this moment, as if I dove straight into a Harry Potter book. 

The outer space couldn’t handle Tay!!

When I was younger, I wanted to be an astronaut just so I could bring back some moon rocks to our planet. This is a moon rock.

 Round one was on the house, courtesy of Tommy, our kind host!

IMG_4318Whoops, and so was round 3… And Tommy took a shot with us to end the night.


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