Roadtrip Thoughts

The new Bay Bridge? I need to go see it, haven't been down to the Bay Area since B4 1989, was in Gold Country in early 2000's.:

I dug up this little reflection in my notes, written a few months ago when we were driving back from playing with the inmates in San Quentin State Prison. That eye-opening experience reminded me to count my blessings and appreciate everything that’s around me.

I’m sitting in the van with my teammates and we’re passing through the San Rafael bridge. On our left is a breathtaking view of the bay rippling with the wind of this gloomy overcast, but to our left is the most impeccable view of all– a panoramic view of downtown Oakland, with the Bay Bridge connecting it to the awe-inspiring skyscrapers of the Financial District of the City, and my most-adored Golden Gate Bridge. I look around in the van. All of us have our earphones on and more than half of them are asleep. But I am the only one who can’t peel my eyes off from this scenery. It touches deep down into my soul and I remember how lucky I am to be living here. This is the closest place I have to a home in my heart. Every time I reflect on my reality, it feels almost too good to be true to be minutes away from Berkeley, Jack London Square, and best of all, San Francisco… It is an absolute dream. I can never express enough how much this means to me.

As I reread what I’ve written, I’m transported back into the calmer, different version of me from last semester and it feels foreign because my life has changed a lot in the past months. But one thing will always remain the same: I’ll never get over how blessed I am to be here… Fallin’ in love with the bay more and more each day.

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