Back At It… My Current Life (in pictures)

I have blogged far too less than I have wanted to in the past few months, but I am finally ending this hiatus! I feel as though my life has been incredibly tumultuous since the start of 2016, and as bad as things were (not really how I wanted to start the new year), I am currently sitting in Math Lab with a very happy outlook on life. I don’t really care if things might still be jumbled up and messy in the outskirts of my mind and if I am just choosing to suppress the hurt and pain instead of confronting it, because I seriously wasted too many days being sad and poring over why life is the way that it is. It is honestly time to move on and focus on the positive things about life, because there will ALWAYS be negativity… Happiness is contingent on how we handle said negativity. So let’s get a move on and enjoy it moment by moment.

I don’t really have a particular subject in mind for this post, so I think I’ll just break it down to little tidbits of updates about my life as of late:

1. I am going to a Lumineers concert!!! Anyone that truly knows me will know that this is seriously one of my life goals. The Lumineers is my absolute favorite band and I’ve been waiting so long for them to go back on tour. I cannot express how happy I am to have purchased a ticket within the first couple of minutes that the box office opened. And even more exciting: I am going by myself! I have no clue how I’m going to get to Santa Barbara, where I’m going to stay, and how I’ll get to the venue, but I have full faith that everything is going to work out just fine. There is something so exhilarating (albeit nerve-wracking) about going stag to a concert. I can’t wait for May 28th!

2. On a similar note, I am going to Hawaii! Also by myself! But I will be staying with one of my sweet friends and visiting a couple of teammates, so it’s not going to be totally foreign. I’m just teetering with excitement because I have never been to Hawaii and this literally feels like a fairy tale about to come true.

3. I cut my own hair for the first time! For all of my life, I’ve had my mom cut my hair for me, but a couple of nights ago, I had this strong urge to chop about 4 inches off… So I put my hair in a ponytail, grabbed some normal craft scissors, and just went for it! And in my opinion, it turned out pretty darn good. Needless to say that I’ll be cutting my own hair from now on.

4. Today is my 11th day of being vegetarian (and 23rd day of not eating bread because I gave it up for Lent), and I am seriously sooooo happy about this lifestyle choice that I’ve made. As someone who never really liked to eat meat, it’s been an easy journey so far. And this is probably going to sound silly– no, scratch that, I know it sounds silly but I don’t really care– but I have always felt guilty about killing animals/insects. I let spiders go most of the time and ask people not to kill them if they don’t have to, but one time, I spent an entire day sulking because I felt so bad after I had to kill one. I just really feel like all animals should have the equal chance of living and surviving in this world just as we do, but sadly, I don’t really know anyone who understands me. But it’s all good! I’m finding it much harder to not eat bread since I work at Red Boy (I can’t wait until I can finally eat pizza again). Plus, being a vegetarian forces me to eat healthier foods and to steer clear from fast food! Life without greasy, processed foods is a very, very happy one.

5. I’ve been writing poetry again, and my very recent poem is definitely one of, if not, the best ones that I’ve ever written. It definitely helps that I am in a poetry class (and this might be my favorite class of all time) and we’re mandated to write a poem every week and present them occasionally, but it makes me feel so great to finally be able to write something substantial and good after a long time of not knowing what to say. Before I share my poem, I want to say a few things: 1) It is titled “Corinthians” because I used a couple phrases from my favorite biblical chapter, Corinthians 13. 2) Our assignment was to write from the point of view of a different character other than ourselves, so this is from the point of view of a man, but a woman could just as well be speaking. 3) It is about the speaker’s proclamation of love for this woman and I believe that it’s a statement against the fuckboys of my generation that do not know how to treasure or appreciate women. 4) I’m so pleased to say that I fell in love with writing all over again when I was tinkering around with this little gem. And it paid off big time when my professor said that this is a poem that I should seriously consider publishing… so maybe someday. I hope you all enjoy it like my class did!

6. I’ve been consistently buying flowers for myself… because I deserve it!

7. I made some killer seed/oat/nut bars! Way cheaper than splurging on KIND bars.

8. I’ve been gettin’ real artsy-fartsy… in my painting class! I’ve never really painted before, but I’ve surprised myself with everything that I’ve made so far! My professor, who is such an incredible artist, has been very encouraging towards me and he has made me believe that I can be just as great of a painter as anybody else. Here are my pieces thus far (I’ve made it easier on myself and replicated some original pieces! Obviously not as great as theirs, but oh well! Mine are the second pictures)

 Our assignment was to replicate one of Picasso’s paintings. I took one from his Blue Period.

 Victorian houses inspired by my favorite city and the heart of my soul, San Francisco! This piece is actually basically straight from my mind’s eye, so I’m pretty proud of it! My first water-colored painting, too! They put it in our little trophy case in the Art Department building.

A Wilfredo Lam copycat. I had so much fun doing this, and many people have said that they actually like mine better than the original! (Although I don’t agree hehe, I have maaaad respect for artists)

 This picture is straight from tumblr. One of my all time favorites! Our assignment was to use pointillism.

This isn’t an assignment from my painting class, but I made this sign during Winter Break for the Res Halls, and I am SO HAPPY to say that nobody has torn it down or vandalized it in the two months that it has been up. What a record. But anyway, I think Oakland is such a wonderful, underestimated city with so many treasures and beauty.


3 thoughts on “Back At It… My Current Life (in pictures)

  1. Daaaaaaaaaamn Daniel, back at it again with that poetry!!! I love love love that you are getting back into that uber creative individual that I know and love. But, I must lament, the vegetarianism is foreign territory for me, given the circumstances…. I can’t wait to see all of this in person very soon! We must catch up, so much to tell!!

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    1. Allison Rosa you sweet creature you! Thank you for your constant optimism and support, it means a lot! And yes I can’t wait for our next meet-up… We already know it’s gonna be a blast ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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