Life’s too short, way too short not to go out on a limb and make yourself vulnerable. Being vulnerable opens doors that we didn’t think we needed to enter until we go through, and we’re like, “wow, yeah, this is where I needed to be.” Life’s too short not to be compassionate. Help that person at four in the morning because you don’t know how it would turn out or where they’ll end up if you didn’t… it’s just sleep, after all. Love greatly. Love wholly. Love loudly and explicitly, without limits. Love with an open mind. Love whoever the fuck you want, spend time with the ones that make your jaws hurt from incessant laughter, be intimate with who you please if it means you’ll find yourself in the process. Life’s too short to hold back and suppress our inner desires. As Marianna Paige wrote, maybe we should start saying the things we really mean. Go against the grain and do whatever the heck makes you happy, even if it means defying the status quo. Travel without explanation, soak nature in at sunrise and sunset and all the times in between, reenact your favorite book and try to find the places that your heroes have touched. Life’s too short to acquiesce to society’s expectations of what a relationship should be like or how you should dress or act or speak. You. Don’t. Have. To. Do. Anything. You have nobody that you need to impress. Don’t let modern media and childish gossip tell you otherwise, because you are your own unique person that deserves peace, even if it means nonconformity. Life’s too short to be proud to the point of complacency; practice humility and kindness because honestly, compassion makes this world go round. Count your blessings two, three, four times a day until you’re amazed at the fact that you’re living and breathing and reading this right now. Before you open your mouth to complain, think about whether it’s worth it to burn minutes of your day wallowing in negativity, because, do you really want to look back and realize how much time you’ve spent in pointless anger? Life is too short, but it’s also too beautiful. So don’t destruct it for yourself or for others. I strongly believe that we were brought to life in order to find and make beauty out of it; the world is literally both our palette and canvas and there’s not much more that we can ask for that’s better than this. Life’s too short to waste time on shallow, surface-level friendships that lead us astray from the people we aspire to become. Invest in relationships that go deep to the core and make you reflect on yourself as a person and hold onto those dear people who genuinely care about you, who listen to you even when you’re silent. And love yourself. Life is much, much too short not to. How can you appreciate this beautiful life that you have when you don’t appreciate yourself– all the quirky, strange, large, minute, unique parts of you? You owe it to yourself, and once you learn to love yourself, pass it on.


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