Our SD Getaway


And just like that, our weekend getaway to San Diego has ended. 

A few of my friends from Holy Names took a roadtrip down to SoCal and picked me up for an overdue reunion, and honestly it was exactly what I needed after the rough couple of weeks I’ve had. It has been an emotional month for me and I was ready to leave July behind and ring in August with one of my best friends, Allie, and Andrew and Raph… And I totally was not disappointed! The last time I visited San Diego, it was only for the day and it was a mellow, relaxing visit. This time, we indulged in the nightlife, and to say that it was wild is an understatement. Although SD was charmingly inclusive and totally chill, I can’t picture myself going to school down there and spending my weekend nights partying in PB and waking up the next day hungover on the beach. As much as it reminds me of San Francisco’s diversity, culture, and people, I prefer the urban pockets and quieter lifestyle of the bay. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy an occasional crazy weekend!

On that note, I discovered that I’m finally getting over the party scene. Since I basically didn’t start drinking until I was 21, I spent my last months in HNU hooked on going out to bars and parties. Getting drunk was an indescribable, illogical thrill, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Then when I left to go back to SoCal, I went on a total dry spell and I definitely looked forward to getting wasted with my friends in San Diego….. And then it happened. Friday night was so wild that I knew I would throw up if I drank another sip. I was faded out of my mind. Alcohol was my best friend and worst nemesis that night, and I paid for it big time the next day with a pounding headache and a grogginess that felt permanent. I remember waking up and hating life and vowing to never drink again. I was just done, and Allie and I were ready to be DDs for the rest of the weekend. However, the guys coaxed us into going in the water at the beach (it took them a while, but we grudgingly conceded eventually), and to our surprise, the waves sobered us up enough to say “YOLO” and turn up one last time for the weekend… Because when in San Diego, why not, right? But anyway, I’m glad to say I’ve gotten that out of my system, and it couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. My class schedule is tough this semester, it’s my last year of my tennis career, I want to get back into the best shape of my life, and I have to step up to my RA responsibilities. Partying on weekends would set me back and I’d lose my focus completely. But now, I’ve got my head screwed on right and I know I don’t need alcohol to have fun. Plus, my favorite memories are my most sober memories!

This weekend also helped me to discover how excited I am for the future. We stayed in Andrew’s sister’s place and his cousin’s apartment, and just seeing their independent lifestyles has inspired me like no other. They all graduated from college, have jobs, maintain extremely cute homes, and have the lifestyle that I would see in TV sitcoms (i.e. HIMYM, Friends, The Big Bang Theory). They have the perfect balance of being responsible, going out to local bars with a mix of significant others, friends, and coworkers whenever they feel like it and knowing the coolest spots, and reminiscing over timeless memories of their early 20s. I admired their comfortable, confident lives. That’s exactly the type of future that I want to have and it makes me giddy to picture myself five years from now and doing just that. I can’t wait until I have a condo in the bay with a roommate, doing whatever my B.A. in English takes me, and living life in my own chill, relaxed pace. I’m absolutely excited for that ultimate independence, but being a naive, young college student isn’t too bad for the meantime.

That’s it for my weekend, but if anybody wants to know what our itinerary was for ideas for their own SD trip, here it is:

Friday Night (all in Pacific Beach)

  • Bare Back Grill
  • The Taproom
  • Duck Dive
  • A random house party with an older crowd… As Andrew’s cousin Gio says, “inclusive”!!!
  • Red’s Saloon (I can now proudly say that I LOVE country bars…. Sorry my SoCal friends. Also, Allie if you’re reading this… Water issues with sweet Todd. Haha!)

Saturday (PB in the day & Downtown at night)

  • Beach (Al and I walked to McDonald’s… My guilty pleasure and first time in months!)
  • The Taproom again
  • The Tipsy Crow (it was like an amplified Pappy’s and Kip’s with its basement dance floor. Allie and I scored free drinks and dipped out before we got in too deep… And I accidentally elbowed a girl and almost kind of got in a fight. Wild crowd!)
  • Analog Bar (I live for these bars that don’t have cover charges!)
  • Coyote Ugly Saloon (Al and I danced on top of the bar table…. Definitely a memorable experience)

We ended the night with an awesome Uber driver that had a karaoke in his van and free warm chocolate chip cookies. What an end to an epic weekend. 

I’m so grateful to see my friends again, especially Allie– although I haven’t seen her in months, the moment we reunited, it felt like we just saw each other, me randomly popping in her room like the old days, as if time stopped. This girl is my soul sister, my partner in crime, and everything else in between! It’s not everyday that you meet people that you can grow and be inspiring with, so when you do, enjoy every moment with that friend and live life! I’m looking forward to our next adventure… Cheers to genuine memories in the past, present, and future!


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