Impromptu Living

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The greatest thing about life is probably the fact that anything can happen… and I mean anything. We can be curled up in bed one day, moping over a chain of bad luck that’s been following us for days, and the next moment, a fateful package can arrive at your doorstep and take you by surprise and make you the happiest person in the world. You could be riding the bus as a part of your daily routine, and a stranger might sit next to you for the next twenty minutes until your stop and five years down the road, after striking a conversation, they’re standing next to you as your best man. However, it goes without saying that the spontaneity and mystery of life can also be the worst thing in the world… but I won’t get into that (good vibes only here!).

Something that has always intrigued me is the notion that anyone can love just about anybody. Let’s say that two people who don’t know each other, or who greatly dislike each other, are stuck in an isolated place for a period of time… I’ve heard that because of the way the universe works and the built-in emotions of a human being, it is inevitable to develop feelings of affection and care. One way or another, those two individuals will interact and grow fond of each other. And honestly? I believe it.

I like to think that anything can happen at any given moment… Tomorrow, or the next day, or a year or two from now, the true love of my life could quite possibly walk into my life. I could actually become something with my writing and affect the lives of those who need hope and inspiration. I could change so much in a week, like how I have made a 180 degree turn in just fifty-two weeks. I picture life as the mystery treasure box in the dentist that I used to love so much as a child– full of surprises, and you’ll never know what kind of prize you’ll pull out each visit, but it’s always something really great no matter how big or small it may be. I absolutely adore the concept of an exciting life that catches us off-guard and surprises us with a bouquet of sunflowers when we were getting ready to pluck some weeds. I am madly in love with the fact that anything can happen to anyone, that life is as spontaneous and diverse as each of our heartbeat patterns….. the same heartbeat patterns that map out the love that we are capable of feeling for one another. Life is good.

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