To Be An RA & My Summer So Far


(Me with my enchanted side of the room last school year)

This summer has been great so far, but what I’m really looking forward to is becoming a Resident Assistant for the upcoming school year. I can’t stop myself from daydreaming about all the fun activities that I’ll have with my floor (which will be my favorite floor in all of HNU… I’m definitely triple-excited for that!). I have all these unique craft ideas and bonding activities in mind and I know I get myself too worked up with my high hopes, but I keep reminding myself that it’s not going to be all fun and games. I will experience moments that will try my patience and there will be disappointments down the road, but I know that I will be prepared to handle those tough moments when they come. What I’m looking most forward to is the new relationships and bonds that I’ll hopefully make with not just people on my floor but all throughout campus. I hope to inspire new transfers and freshmen and to give them a better glimpse of what it means to be a part of the Holy Names community… That’s what my previous RAs unexpectedly did for me, and I’d like nothing more than to pass down that optimism and impermeable hope to create a better place. I am so tempted to reveal the theme that I hope to do for the fall semester, but I’ll (try to) keep it a secret until then…!

What have I been up to so far, you ask? Quite a lot of activity, actually! Here’s a list of my past and future summer festivities:

  • a TON of working at Pieology (super grateful, yet very tough on my feet)
  • cardio at the gym
  • daily green smoothies and minimizing my carb intake
  • binge-watching HIMYM and The Bachelorette
  • a San Cisco concert
  • a couple of beach trips (although I haven’t been in the water yet)
  • squeezing in as much tennis practice as I can (but it isn’t much)
  • playing the ukulele
  • a whole lot of catching up with old friends
  • future San Diego trip!
  • future tennis tournaments in July!
  • future Vegas trip!
  • and hopefully, these places: Getty, DTLA’s Flower Market and where Angel’s Knoll used to be, Thousand Steps
  • plus I need to learn how to download books onto my Kindle because I would really like to start reading again

And now, here’s another list of reasons why I feel like I am just a tourist on vacation in SoCal (Yes, I like lists, okay!!):

  • it took me a couple of weeks to unpack my clothes… but I still sleep with my duffel bag beside me
  • I use my GPS every single day to get to and from my house… and sometimes, I still get lost
  • it is now week 7 and I STILL don’t know how to work the shower. I’ve been showering with scalding water, it’s terrible
  • my bed has been replaced with a pull-out bed (I’m not complaining)
  • I don’t have a spot in the toothbrush stand anymore
  • I lost my immunity to the SoCal heat… once it hits 80 degrees, I’m crying

Despite all these silly little signs of feeling like I am a foreigner in my own hood, it certainly is nice to be back with my family. However, I just can’t wait to return to the bay that I love so much. My dad surprised me the other week when he was telling somebody that one of my two biggest dreams has been fulfilled– living in the bay, and owning a convertible Beetle. I didn’t realize how well he knew me! That warmed my heart to know that my parents acknowledge my dreams and support me in my passions. I definitely am 150% grateful for the life that I am living.

All in all, even though I do feel like I’ve been on my feet nonstop and constantly trying to balance sleep and all of my activities, I still feel like this summer has been the most relaxing so far. I think a part of it is because I do not coach tennis anymore; I’ve spent the past four summers under the hot sun for about fifty hours per week. Even though I appreciated those moments to work and teach eager students, I’m glad that I’ve moved on. And it also helps that ever since my family has moved to a new house, I come home to carpet that I’ve never had before and just lay there to my heart’s content. It’s the simple things, really!

I am exactly at the midpoint of my summer vacation. Seven weeks down, seven weeks to go, and I’m looking forward to it all!


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