Leap of Faith

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It is so easy to stay in our comfort zones and be content with what we know. I’m sure everybody has their own shell that they like to stay in from time to time; for some, it might be as mild as not wanting to try foreign foods, or as deep as keeping even some close friends at bay, arm’s distance away because revealing oneself can be too challenging. However, I figure that taking chances is the only way we’ll truly get to know ourselves. If we don’t push our bodies and souls to the limit, we’ll never know what we can and cannot completely and fully handle.

I took a chance in going to HNU; best decision of my life. I took a chance in becoming an English major; second best decision of my life, although a grim financial future seems at stake… but that doesn’t concern me. And now, I’m going to take a chance in something extremely foreign and placing my trust in a person that I barely know, but would like to get to know, because…. who knows?

Every decision that I’ve made thus far has cultivated me to become this multi-faceted, critically-thinking human being and I am so proud of how far I’ve come, and I know that I’m continuously growing throughout the days of my life. I do feel that God has designed a beautiful life for me, but like Pastor Keith and I talked about today, I’ve got to do my part and take action. It’s as if God’s given me an invisible map with a destination to sheer joy and contentment, but it’s my duty to make those turns myself. And the only way I’ll get to the right corners and streets is to take chances… because getting lost is natural and those mistakes guide me to understand the map a whole lot more. That map is me, my life, and everything that the Lord has given me. I’m excited for the blind turns to come.

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