Silver Linings Playbook (explicit)

Patrizio "Pat Jr." Solitano & Tiffany Maxwell | Silver Linings Playbook (2012)    #bradleycooper #jenniferlawrence #couples

Holy shit.

I just finished watching Silver Linings Playbook and I could not contain myself at the end. I wasn’t just tearing up– I was straight-up bawling with my mascara running. Upon first watching the movie, I knew it would be emotional, but it just got way too out of control in the end and there was this certain scene that triggered me:

Just rewatching that scene gives me feels all over again. Maybe it’s the part about Robert De Niro telling Bradley Cooper to listen to all the signs and how it’d haunt him forever if he didn’t go after them. Or the part where he tells Jennifer Lawrence how he’s loved her from the moment he saw her. Or how two fucked-up people found love in each other in the strangest ways. This flick is loaded with so many relatable undertones and those are always the ones that get you, you know. The movies where you feel like they’re acting out the script that’s in your mind and it pulls on your heartstrings and it’s simply beautiful because it’s you up there and it’s like you’re seeing your life on the screen and suddenly you don’t feel too alone in your journey anymore. Definitely a must-watch movie for everyone.

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