“Treat. Yo. Self.”– Birthday Week!

treat-yo-selfIf you’ve never watched Parks and Rec, there’s an episode where Tom and Donna go off on their annual “Treat Yo Self” day in which they do just that… splurge on anything and everything that they want, just for the heck of it.

Now, I couldn’t do that if I wanted to due to the lack of resources in my college student life, but since I turned the big TWO-ONE recently, I had to live a little and take a break from normalcy!

I was not planning on drinking at all because of my allergy (read “Drugged Out”)– all I wanted to do was get pizookies at BJ’s on Thursday night. However, my teammates convinced me to give it another shot (pun intended) and just YOLO! The sweet bartender bought me a special shot that tasted just like chocolate cake to start my night off, and my generous friends kept buying me drink after another, and I just had an absolute blast. Even though I know I didn’t need to get tipsy/borderline-drunk to enjoy myself, it definitely was an added bonus and made the night a bit more interesting!

The next day, I took care of my hangover quite well, so I was good enough to make the most of my Friday. Allie and I went to cute ol’ Bay Street in Emeryville and shopped our socks off. It was so nice to splurge a little on myself. And to top the day off, we succumbed to the guilty pleasure of McDonald’s… it was either go big or go home! Or both. We chose both.

The following day, which is today, my team and I did work and defeated Dominican University for the second time! I played one of the best matches that I have played all season. Although the score says I lost badly, every game went to deuce and I am so proud that I put everything that I had on the court. It’s even more gratifying because I thought I was losing my touch and entering a slump the past few days, but I know that I just have to stay confident and believe in my shots.

And what better way to celebrate a win than with a big fat Gypsy’s calzone in the heart of the most hipster little town that I know?! I am beyond excited for tomorrow’s match against Hawaii-Hilo. We’re one step closer to qualifying for the championships in Arizona! And we’re also extremely close to being the first team in all of Holy Names’ athletics history to finish season with a winning record!

Nothing but positive vibes…


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