Bay Livin’: Early February Edition

I apologize for the lack of blog posts recently, I have been swamped with so much tennis and school! With that being said, this new post will be longer than usual!

Last Sunday, my roommates and I decided to have a little adventure in the city since it was one of the few days that we had off this entire semester. We cheered on our HNU baseball team to their first season win against SFSU, which was a really exciting experience especially since it was only the second game I’ve ever watched live (my first was the Oakland A’s in September!). Afterwards, we headed to the Golden Gate Park and even just driving there was nostalgically satisfying for me in and of itself because it reminded me of when my best friend and I navigated through the streets of SF on our own. The city is so quaint and charming with its alphabetically and numerically-ordered streets, not to mention the beautiful Victorian houses of my best dreams adorning every block. I think it’s obvious that I fall more and more in love with San Francisco every time I visit…

Anyway, I digress! Allie, Amaru, Leticia, and I found a nice little spot among the forest-like greenery and had a little picnic away from the ducks, and it was really relaxing to just sit down with some of my favorite girls and talk about life, problems, and the world’s wonders. It isn’t every day that we get to have time to absorb all of earth’s greatest treasures while we eat delicious food, although my long meal talks with Allie are some of my most coveted moments in HNU. Once or twice a week, mostly after mass, Allie and I enjoy a nice meal together in which we just go on and on, talking about anything and everything without worrying about time. It’s nice to converse with somebody who has an open mind and can laugh about the most minute and ridiculous things! It’s funny how I find pleasure in the simplest things these days in my hubbub of a life.

After eating, we decided to just walk around a little bit and take in the awesome attractions that Golden Gate Park has to offer, when suddenly we all came to a spontaneous consensus to rent a row boat in Stow Lake. It was honestly so impulsive and crazy; I was giddy the entire ride. Our brave little Amaru stepped up to the challenge of rowing us the entire hour and although we had a few mishaps along the way, we successfully managed to keep the boat from sinking. As we floated along, all I could think of was how scenic and theatrical the whole experience felt– a scene straight from The Notebook, but it was even better because of the adorable bridges, little children prancing around the lake, and the fact that it was all real life. At that moment, I thought to myself, “you know your life is good when you spontaneously find yourself on a boat…” Perfectly leisurely.

When our hour was up, we headed to Twin Peaks, which is a 360-degree view of San Francisco. Needless to say, it was breathtaking and rendered us all speechless. We then drove over to one of the most intricate structures that I have seen in the city, the Palace of Fine Arts! Ever since I first came to the bay, I’ve always wondered what that mysterious building was, and luckily none of us have ever been there either so it was another new setting for all of us. Although we couldn’t go in, it was plain to see that this was one of SF’s beautiful treasures. After a good amount of sauntering around the lake, we made a quick trip to the Golden Gate Bridge, and made it back in time for the most delicious dinner that the caf has ever served (various flavor of wings and garlic fries–in honor of SuperBowl!).

Overall, I would say that last Sunday was one of the greatest, most adventurous days of my life. Something that still resonates in my mind is the sight of three couples that stood out to me that day: a sweet-looking couple taking their engagement photos in a boat in Stow Lake, newly weds walking along the Palace, and an elderly couple walking hand-in-hand through the gardens in the park. It felt like life was showing me a preview of what beautiful, true love will look like throughout the years, and that eventually (and hopefully), I will get to experience that, too.

I also started my first lesson for the sacrament of Confirmation this past Tuesday! Even though it would have felt more comfortable had someone signed up with me, I am so grateful for this opportunity to be confirmed this semester, and for free, too, when people spend hundreds in a three-year process. The awesome thing about this whole situation is that this was solely my choice, and what better sacrament to do, in which I am confirming my baptism and faith? I really hope that this new step will be a segue to a stronger spiritual relationship and a vaster knowledge about my Catholic faith.

On another note, I am loving every bit of my decision to become an English Major. The English classes that I’m taking epitomizes what I love about literature– classic text, modern and stimulating dramas, and the opportunity to express our thoughts with loosely-guided essay prompts. In one of my classes, we started covering 19th century American poets, and it just brings me back to my sophomore year English honors class when Mr. Hiett tortured us with pop-speeches and essays on Emerson, Frost, Dickinson, and the like. He was the toughest essay-grader of all time, but he taught me so much and gave me a foundation for all the writing that I do to this day. And it’s just an extra perk to wake up later than usual without having a chemistry exam to worry about, have breakfast in bed, and work on my next essay in the comfort of my blanket… utterly blissful.

Although there are still problems lingering in the back of my mind (I still haven’t heard from my insurance company about my accident nor have I told my mother about my change of major), all I can really do is take it a day at a time. Try to get as much joy out of it as I possibly can, even if it’s nothing more than staring out from our hilltop view and appreciating the mystery of those large vessels that seem to just be sitting in the bay, going to the ceramics studio after class and molding clay as if I am molding my life, or conversing with unfamiliar faces in the cafeteria. Tough times will always be around the corner, but how we pick ourselves up when they knock us down to the floor can make the slightest difference in our futures. Let’s stay positive throughout February, y’all!

(…and I think it is noteworthy to add that our elevator is FINALLY fixed! My knees are ever so thankful!)


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