Midnight Optimism

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It feels absolutely unreal how fast time passes by. Just four weeks ago, I was packing my clothes to go to SoCal; fast forward to the present, and I’m packing my bags once again, but with Oakland as my destination. Even though ten years from now sound immensely distant, I know that by then I’ll be sitting down and thinking about how ten years ago felt like yesterday. If I think about time for too long, it starts getting to me and those dreadful existential questions come full-blast. However, I am sure about one thing– that time is relative. I could be in a lecture and time would creep slowly, taunting me with its seconds. But I could also be in hot pursuit of late night sushi that closes at 2am and it’d feel like time is racing against me, wanting to move faster than my four-wheel drive. The fickleness of time makes me appreciate each split second more than I’ve ever done in the past… It reminds me to live life like a joy fiend, finding every opportunity to be a wiser and better person. It’s time to take on this new semester with a focused mind and an unyielding heart.

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