A Love Letter

Thank you, friends, for supporting me in my first spoken word experience🌷 #poetry

I am jealous,
Jealous of the snooze button of the alarm clock
That gets to touch your fingertips first every morning.

The way you entwine your fingers and press your palm against mine
Leaves impressions in my memory
Like a baby’s foot print on clay.

When I’m laying down at night,
I can feel your touch as if
You’re still right there,
Holding my hand.

I’m afraid for whoever stares into your beautiful eyes,
Because you could make brick walls crumble
With that strong gaze of yours.

Your lips are the pillows of my sweetest dreams,
And being in your arms is the closest I’ve ever felt
To being home.

When people drive around town,
They see red, yellow, and green lights
But I don’t see that.
I see the colors of the wings of the butterflies
That you give me.

I hope you understand when I say
That I love you to Pluto and back,
Because I don’t think the moon is far enough
To describe the amount of light years
That my love will travel for you.

I can only write so many metaphors
To express how fast my small heart beats at
The very thought of you

But just know that my love for you is like fine wine;
It’ll grow better over time.


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