don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not beautiful

or that your beauty is measured by the curvature of your brows

your ribcage is precious, it’s supposed to be tucked in you like a treasure chest– not ornaments that you’re obligated to show

don’t be sucked into the brain washing machine of society that says your skin

has to be smooth and white like a porcelain doll

why look like you’re blushing all the time if you aren’t?

those acne scars? pimples? birthmarks? those are just brush strokes of a masterpiece (you)

so throw away that powder and don’t let anyone tell you that your beauty is defined by what the eyes see

because beauty is defined by the magnitude of your strength,

your fight to show what’s right rather than acquiescing to the status quo, trying to be on the same page as everyone else

because honey, you’re a book all on your own, a New York Times best seller

your worth is based on being true to the person in the mirror of your mind

so instead of revealing how ever much of your collarbone that you can

reveal your soul, open up that treasure chest and show the world your heart;

it’s so much more beautiful.


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