2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Make This The Summer You’ve Been Dreaming Of

At the start of each new year, everybody makes resolutions to improve themselves (“new year, new me”), whether spoken aloud or written quietly in their hearts. However, they are all generally the same. Unfortunately, my goals for 2015 probably follow that status quo, but what makes mine different is that I’ve already been working on it before the year has rolled in… I’m not one who likes to conform to everybody else’s pace!!

• Follow the fitness plan that my dad made for me 7 years ago… it really helped me to be at the top of my tennis game and I’m gonna get back up there!
• Follow the general meal plan that I talked about with him so that I won’t gain any more unnecessary weight
• Not focus on losing weight but to be more physically fit (which explains the first 2)
• Stay dedicated to Campus Ministry
• Get a 4.0 this semester—develop good study habits
• Sleep at least 7 hours a day
• Dominate on the court
• Get a job on campus
• Refrain from saying bad things about other people
• Keep my dorm as tidy as possible
• Don’t act like a tourist in SF
• Less picture taking, more soaking it in
• Use a planner for everything to stay organized
• Be more generous and charitable
• Look into internships
• Start studying for MCATs
• Stop looking for love/fairytale romance
• Finish all the books that I’ve started

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