Need To Go On PCH, ASAP.


I think the ocean is a beautiful, mysterious poem that I could read over and over again for the rest of my life. The horizon perplexes me because all I see a perfect line—yet I’m looking for some sort of curve that shows me that the Earth is a spherical object. Sometimes I wish we weren’t so small, so that we could actually see the things that we learn about. I want to dive into the ocean and be the one to uncover the 95% percent of the underwater world that has not yet been explored. Too bad I can’t swim… Living in the bay definitely has its perks, but being able to sit on clean, fluffy sand and stare out into clear tides without a sweater is not one of them. If only I could have the best of both worlds.

On a side note—I really must stop writing these past midnight. Looking back at my previous post that I forgot to edit, strewn with grammatical errors, makes me cringe!!


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