Friday's are perfect for lots of BIG thank you. One goes for the emails i received today and yesterday...

Everybody has a burning passion stored within their fiery hearts, whether they know it or not. I happen to be a person of multiple passions– if it isn’t San Francisco, or baking, or sitting outside amid a grand view and embracing life as it is and thanking God for all His glory and grace, I would say that my prime passion in life is writing. Everything about literature gives me a feeling of contentment, and I’m not sure whether I should be proud or ashamed that my written words are more eloquent and vibrant than my speech. There’s just something about metaphors and run-on sentences and free verse poetry that I absolutely adore. It all started from when I was about three years old and read a book for the first time on my own, and moved onto writing poetry in my secret pink spiral notebook in second grade (I strictly only rhymed, it was my personal rule). And now, twenty years old, pre-med-biology major, full-time student athlete, flew 350 miles away from home… and the fuel to keep writing has only reached its peak and I’m more motivated than ever to really put my work out there. And this is where I would like to give all my thanks, because above all, I feel so blessed and grateful for where I am now in my life. I would not be starting this public blog without those that have supported me from the start, because it really is terrifying to think about being rejected or humiliated for doing something that you love. I would not be here for these following people: all the fantastic English professors that I’ve ever had in my years of schooling, especially Mr. Falk and Mr. Hiett, who shaped me to be the writer that I am today; my old high school tennis friends who would surprise me by telling me that they actually secretly read my tumblr and gave me a sense of hope and “wow I can actually do this” (especially that special someone who used one of my poems to analyze in their English class… when I found out, I felt like my heart was going to burst!); those that helped me in senior year of high school when I tried out to be the graduation speaker, I would not have been able to do it without those that took the time to listen to my speech over and over again, and special thanks to those that bore with my annoying voice until the very end, so much that they memorized my speech as well; those that have openly gave me words of support and approval through social media… as trivial as a “like” or a comment may seem, it really did mean the world to me; my new friends here in Holy Names who helped me to be brave enough to do spoken word and recite my poetry to the public for the very first time, thank you so much for all of you that listened; Dabbie, for giving me the constructive criticism that I need and for tolerating me at the most inconvenient hour, you have always been by my side; all my old and new friends that have shown me the world through various experiences and memories that will never be erased; my parents, for always letting me follow my dreams and do as my heart desires, they have never stopped me from going after what I really want; and last and mostly, God, who has blessed me with tools of text and a creative mind– You humble me, always.

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